Disinfectant Tunnel

Disinfectant & Sanitizer

  • 100% Natural.
  • No Chemical, No Alcohol, Non-Toxic.
  • High-Level Disinfectant.
  • Kills 99.999% of Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, Mold, Spores.

Specifications of sanitization tunnel

  • Disinfection number people counter (Digital).
  • Liquid flow rate – 1-3 ltr/hr (Adjustable).
  • Flow control Mechanism – SS 316 Nozzle [Air Jet Nozzle].
  • Tank capacity – 8 ltrs – 10 ltrs.
  • Tank MOC – HDFE/SS.
  • Power supply – 220VAC, 50/60 Hz.
  • Motor Speed – 20,000 RPM (Approx).
  • Kiosk SS – 304 & Gloss wear.
  • Dry weight – Kiosk – 75kg/Machinery – 10Kg.

Special Features of sanitization tunnel

  • Dry fog uniform sub-micron size liquid particles.
  • Stainless steel kiosk easy to install/plug & play type.
  • 360º – Disinfection Fogging.
  • Auto on/off.
  • Disinfection satisfactory slip for proof to disinfect.
  • The adjustable flow rate of 0-40 M/minute.
  • Digital Timer to set the fogger on for 1-99 minute.
  • High-Speed FHP Motor for the maximum thrust of spray.
  • Advance thrust design of Air Jet Nozzle.
  • Fog trust of 10>Feet.
  • Cover an area 54-80Cubic feet.

Enclosure Details

  • Available in automatic/Manual operation mode.
  • Ready to use at delivery (Civil work need if required).
  • Sanitization time per person 5 Seconds.
  • Power requirement: 240 V, 50hz, 16 amps inlet.
  • Motor capacity: 1.5 HP.
  • Comes along with working manual and maintenance details.
  • Includes a 300 Ltr tank.
  • 1 tank i.e. 6 hours of chemical solution is provided along with the unit.
  • Chemical formulation for 1% dilution (0.5% chlorine) in regular tap water is available.
  • Solution cost per person passing Rs 0.20p to 0.40p.
  • Customized Mobile/ Standing version also available to meet different space requirements.


  • Unique product, a first new approach to clean and disinfect.
  • Supplied as a hydrogen peroxide powder with catalyst TiO2 (Titansorb-P). Highest Oxidation potential chemistry.
  • Powder does not evolve chlorine. No urine spills. No By-products (DBP’s) or THM’s. “NO harmful vapour phase”. Expensive ventilation is not required.
  • Developed by watch water, Germany No. 1 in adsorption, filtration and Disinfection Company.
  • Worldwide branches for unique products.
  • When used properly, compatible with all materials, Works by physically destroying bacteria, viruses and fungi.


  • Only approach designed for the particular virus infection control problem of the 2020s.
  • Easy to use, safe for storage and fewer costs for transportation. Excellent efficiency for disinfection of Viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • Replaces the unpleasant Hypochlorite. Using hypochlorite on a urine spill can result in so much toxic chlorine, being evolved that wards have to be cleared.
  • Draws on the expertise of a leading advanced oxidation technology (AOP’s) with the strongest history of oxidation based products.
  • Easy to use and store with fast delivery.
  • Elaborate protective clothing not required.
  • Maximum range of uses, Rapid protection of staff, ensures bacteria, Viruses and fungi.
  • Combines cleaning and disinfection. Reduces cost for material and staff time.