Disinfection Services

With the recent rise of Covid-19, we need to focus on staying healthy and hygienic. An infected person can have life-threatening complication and are riskier for those who are young or very old.

For having a hygienic living or working environment, disinfection services can be introduced to your premises to keep your family and environment safe. Disinfection service is designed to protect against such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores and ensure a clean, microbe-free environment. The service poses no harm to humans and ensures complete protection from topical airborne microbes.

Easting Hr solution provides the best disinfection services in Kolkata which includes the process of reducing microbes to a safe level. There are different chemicals we use to kill the micro-organisms.

Disinfection Service is best suited for hospitals, healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical units, and food processing units. The safe and effective new Sterifume service is also available for residential premises in select cities.

Our Services

We provide complete sanitizing services to your office, home, apartment, society, and residential as well as commercial space. Our services cause no damage to surfaces, plastics rubber, metals, or electrical fittings. Our execution is usually completed within 6-7 hours.

Disinfection Service kills a wide spectrum of contaminants. We at Easting Hr solution inspects the area and recommends appropriate action to be taken.

We spray disinfectant solutions to keep the surface area clean like Door Knobs, Hand Railings, Handles, Tables, Chairs, Biometrics, Walls, Conference Room, Corridors, and staircase.

We preferably do the spraying with ULV sprayer and even do the misting in the entire space to kill the microbes in the air. Before the misting treatment we use sanitizing wipes for extra protection and to prevent re-contamination. We use a non-irritating fog that poses no hazards.

Why us?

Being the leading disinfection service provider in Kolkata, we at Easting Hr solution take the health and safety of our customers and employees seriously.

Our professionals ensure proper hygiene and safety before entering your premise by following these steps:

Undergo Daily Health Checkups
Use Hand Sanitizer
Wear Masks, Shoe Covers, and other Personal Protective Equipment(PPEs)

Our disinfection services will provide a safe and comfortable environment that offers peace of mind by reducing the risk of cross-infection in an enclosed area.

Call us today for disinfecting your premises.