Gardening Services

Planting trees and maintaining the garden requires a great deal of time, exertion, and persistence. And if you have a garden, and are thinking that it is difficult to maintain at that point, then worry not Eastin HR Solution is there to help you with the best gardening maintenance services in Kolkata.

We understand that your garden is a part of your home and it needs as much attention as the remainder of your home. Thus, our gardening services offer assistance to your necessities at a reasonable price.

Eastin HR Solution is one of the leading names in the gardening service in Kolkata, West Bengal. We have been serving garden maintenance to various clients across different sectors. From inspection to designing, to execution to maintenance, we are right here to assist you for all.

Our Services

Over the years, Eastin HR Solution has gained a huge recognition for Garden Maintenance Services in Kolkata, West Bengal. We love gardening and believe that a garden needs regular cleaning. Our mission is to make a green environment and circulate green air.

Eastin HR Solution has the correct sort of devices and hardware for maintaining the garden. Our specialists are well outfitted with an assortment of apparatuses and ready to meet your desires.

Right from soil feeding to watering the plants to inspection for pests we take care of everything. We do gardening services like Garden cleaning and shaping, Lawn Mowing and Trimming, which adds an abundance of vibrancy to your garden.

Garden designing is also available to any homeowner wishing to refresh his landscape as our experts are a famous garden designer in Kolkata. We provide gardening services in rooftops, balconies, indoors, kitchen gardens, hotels, shopping complexes, and many more.

Call us today to make your environment green